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It’s just me and my princess… Happy Monday everyone! #BostonStrong

It’s just me and my princess… Happy Monday everyone! #BostonStrong

Did you see Mya Learning How to Nae Nae? #Jewelseinc

Check out singer Mya learning how to Drop that Nae Nae at her BE Magazine Cover Shoot.



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Happy Easter everyone…  It’s also 420??? See what it’s all about!
Read about it right now:

Happy Easter everyone… It’s also 420??? See what it’s all about!
Read about it right now:

HIGH-ly Intoxicated UNDER GOD

Happy Easter everyone… I hope you all have a lovely Sunday! Read the latest from Bobbi Music.. HIGH-ly Intoxicated UNDER GOD. #Jewelseinc

easterToday is Easter Sunday. The day that we remember the Resurrection of Christ. For most people in the United States, today is a day to share with family, to visit our local church, and appreciate the value of Jesus Christ rebirth. However, there is another Holiday that we, as one nation UNDER GODare celebrating. On this day, 4/20, the culture of marijuana celebrates their appreciation for natures…

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“Max Steel” casting teens & young adults in NC

NOW CASTING: “Max Steel” casting teens & young adults in NC. Get all the info on JEI right now! #Jewelseinc

Max Steel” will begin filming in Wilmington shortly and Marty Sui Casting in Wilmington is looking for adult extras who can pass as being teens as well as teens who are 16 to 18.

max-steel-castThe casting directors announced via their FB  page that 90% of all extras that they will be using are going to be  teens.

Unlike the Disney XD animated version of “Max Steel”, this project will be a live action movie. B…

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Coachella 2014: Kendall, Kylie, Amber, Willow, & MORE Kick It At Weekend 2

Coachella 2014: Kendall, Kylie, Amber, Willow, & MORE Kick It At Weekend 2.. Take a look! #Jewelseinc

Kylie willow jaden coachella

The second weekend of the annual Coachella Music Festival has kicked off, and once again,lots of A-list celebrities made sure to get in on the fun.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner - who really seem to have mastered the perfect Coachella look – got to the festivities as soon as they could, and they even brought some celebrity friends along!

Coachella 2014 - Week 2 - Day 1

Joined by Willow and Jaden Smith, the four famous kids looked…

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NOW CASTING: USDA TV Commercial – pays $1200

NOW CASTING: USDA TV Commercial – pays $1200. #Jewelseinc

TV commercial filming in the Baltimore area is holding auditions for men, women, babies, teens & children next week.

usda spotThis spot will film in June in Maryland.
USDA – Non-union

Tuesday 4/22 from 11am-6pm
Wednesday 4/23 from 11am-6pm
Thursday 4/24 from 1pm-7pm

LOCATION: Betsy’s Studio
6247 Falls Road, Suite E
Baltimore, MD 21209

SPECS: All talent must be non-union.


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